Image from "Square One: A Documentary"

Image from "Square One: A Documentary"


How it all happened…

  One day I woke up & realized that I have went 25 years on this earth & have not even took a swing at accomplishing any of my dreams. That was another thing, 25 years. It's not old in most peoples eyes but I am certainly not getting any younger. I then realized I also did not have the money to purchase any of the equipment I need to make a feature film, then it hit me. I have been given some of the best storytelling material out there & from none other than life. My parents let me borrow their camera & set out to make what I want to make.

2018 was a fantastic year with having the debut film released & a short film to follow shortly after. They both were received in a very positive way & I couldn’t be happier. This year has some very big ideas & films in store & I couldn’t be more excited to release them for everyone to see. Get ready for the next chapter in Bleeding Spirit Films

Cheers & much love,

Andrew Smith, 2019